Art History

Since 1999, the Art Music Junction has performed at many public and private venues.  The idea came to life through the works of Phill Evans and the first of the windships was built in 1979.  In 1989, Phill constructed the second of the windships.  In 1999, Phill and William renovated the second windship “Galaxy Glider” and presented it at the Coachella Valley Art & Music Festival.  Phill’s idea of floating human bodies on whimsical kinetic sculptures and William’s fascination with multimedia sculptural environments as well as the passion to perform soon lead to the collaboration of mounting the technologies on the kinetic structures.  The birth of the third windship built by Phill and Will at Phill Evans Studios occurred in the Spring of 2001 and shortly thereafter had its initial performance at the Coachella Art & Music Festival.  With the help of family and friends, the Art Music Junction traveled to many community gatherings providing a unique performance art experience.

Based on a 3-D stage, artmusicjunction is a unique sound sculpture performance that weaves together sound elements and kinetic art on a cosmic scale. Enjoy the whimsical nature of the performance and explore the multidimensional sensations of the interactive experience. ALOHA