Once the materials are in place, the installation is complete and the performance is ready to begin.  During the performance, volunteers from the audience are selected, one at a time, to enter the arena and recline in a hammock on one side of the kinetic sculpture.  On the opposite end of the sculpture sits a musician who operates technological sound elements that are connected to the volunteer via headphones.  Stones are added to counterbalance the individual’s weight and produce a state of equilibrium.  Slowly guided through space, the sculpture begins to move.  Reacting to the sculpture’s movements, artists in the performance arena weave additional sensory frequencies around the floating volunteer, creating what I call the Art Music Junction.

Based on a 3-D stage, artmusicjunction is a unique sound sculpture performance that weaves together sound elements and kinetic art on a cosmic scale. Enjoy the whimsical nature of the performance and explore the multidimensional sensations of the interactive experience. ALOHA